About Us


Aloha Pacific Financial Group is a unit of the Aloha Pacific FCU that specializes in providing affordable investment advice and education.

Under a strategic alliance with LPL Financial, we provide investment and insurance services through qualified registered representatives. This helps maintain the objectivity of our LPL Financial Advisors.

Capitalizing on modern technology and the strength of LPL Financial, we are able to provide a wide range of products and services.

  • Insurance – Life, Long Term Care and Disability
  • Investments – Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Annuities
  • Accounts – Brokerage, Retirement, Trust and Educational
  • Services – Fee Based Planning, Custodial and Managed Money

Because we believe in the principals of planning and long-term investing, there are things that we do not do. These include:

  • On-line Trading – this encourages short-term and emotional thinking that can result in inferior results over the long-term.
  • Market Timing – predicting the future is nearly impossible, but diversification through proper asset allocation is the only “free lunch.”
  • Options & Futures – most investors do not have portfolios large enough to benefit from these advanced hedging strategies.
  • Penny Stocks & IPOs – with thousands of investments to choose from, why not choose one with a proven track record?